Copper alloys and others metal

Use to SuperFlux for Brass B = Rods, F = Wire, P = Powder, A = Rings, L = Foil. ES= Flexible Fluxcoated, EF = Thin and Flexible, EX = Very Thin and flexible.

codedesignationzone (°F)DIN 8513ISO 17672:2016EN 1044spec. AMSISO 3677
100B100 bare rods1310-1454L-CuP7CuP 180B-Cu93P-710/820
100M100 form1310-1454L-CuP7CuP 180B-Cu93P-710/820
100AGF100Ag wire1283-1436
100PB100P bare rods1310-1553L-CuP6CuP 179CP 203B-Cu94P-710/890
100SNB100Sn bare rods1202-1292L-CuP7Sn7*CuP 386B-Cu86SnP-650/700
100XB100X bare rods1310-1508L-CuP7CuP 180CP 202AWS A5.8 : BCup-2B-Cu93P-710/820
100XHPB100XHP Haute fluidité bare rods1310-1418L-CuP8CuP 182CP 201BCuP-2B-Cu 92 P-710-738
100XPB100XP bare rods1310-1553L-CuP6CuP 179B-Cu94P-710/890
100XPC100XP Square1310-1553L-CuP6CuP 179B-Cu94P-710/890
101B101 bare rods1274-1508L-Ag1P*
102B102 bare rods1193-1508L-Ag2PCuP 279CP 105B-Cu92PAg-645/820
102XB102X bare rods1193-1508L-Ag2PCuP 279SiCP 105B-Cu92PAg-645/820
102XHPB102XHP bare rods1193-1450L-Ag2PCuP 280B-Cu91PAg-645/788
105A105 rings1191-1499L-Ag5PCuP 281CP 104AWS A5-8 : BCuP-3B-Cu89PAg-645/815
105B105 bare rods1191-1499L-Ag5PCuP 281CP 104AWS A5-8 : BCuP-3B-Cu89PAg-645/815
105C105 Square1191-1499L-Ag5PCuP 281CP 104AWS A5-8 : BCuP-3B-Cu89PAg-645/815
105EMF105 Flux coated MF1191-1499L-Ag5PCuP 281CP 104AWS A5-8 : BCuP-3B-Cu89PAg-645/815
105FR105 Bars wires1191-1499L-Ag5PCuP 281CP 104AWS A5-8 : BCuP-3B-Cu89PAg-645/815
105L105 Silver Foil1191-1499L-Ag5PCuP 281CP 104AWS A5-8 : BCuP-3B-Cu89PAg-645/815
105M105 form1191-1499L-Ag5PCuP 281CP 104AWS A5-8 : BCuP-3B-Cu89PAg-645/815
105PO105 Powder1191-1499L-Ag5PCuP 281CP 104AWS A5-8 : BCuP-3B-Cu89PAg-645/815
105XC105X Square1191-1499L-Ag5PCuP 281SiCP 104AWS A5-8 : BCuP-3B-Cu89PAg-645/815
105XERF105X thin flux coated RF1191-1499L-Ag5PCuP 281SiCP 104AWS A5-8 : BCuP-3B-Cu89PAg-645/815
105XTB105X Drawn rod1191-1499L-Ag5PCuP 281SiCP 104AWS A5-8 : BCuP-3B-Cu89PAg-645/815
105XHPB105XHP bare rods1193-1419CuP 282SiAWS A5-8 : BCuP-3
106B106 bare rods1193-1337L-Ag6PCuP 283B-Cu87PAg-645/725
106ESF106 flexible flux coated SF1193-1337L-Ag6PCuP 283B-Cu87PAg-645/725
106FR106 Bars wires1193-1337L-Ag6PCuP 283B-Cu87PAg-645/725
106NI1584B106Ni Gaz Rep 1584 bare rods1193-1337CuP291B-Cu87PAg(Ni)-645/725
110B110 bare rods1202-1382L-Ag10P*
115B115 bare rods1193-1472L-Ag15PCuP 284CP 102AWS : BCuP-5B-Cu80PAg-645/800
115EMF115 Flux coated MF1193-1472L-Ag15PCuP 284CP 102AWS : BCuP-5B-Cu80PAg-645/800
115FR115 Bars wires1193-1472L-Ag15PCuP 284CP 102AWS : BCuP-5B-Cu80PAg-645/800
115L115 Silver Foil1193-1472L-Ag15PCuP 284CP 102AWS : BCuP-5B-Cu80PAg-645/800
115M115 form1193-1472L-Ag15PCuP 284CP 102AWS : BCuP-5B-Cu80PAg-645/800
115P115 Disc and forms1193-1472L-Ag15PCuP 284CP 102AWS : BCuP-5B-Cu80PAg-645/800
115XB115X bare rods1202-1472L-Ag15PCuP 284SiCP 102B-Cu80PAg-645/800
115XEXF115X MiniFlux flux coated XF1202-1472L-Ag15PCuP 284SiCP 102B-Cu80PAg-645/800
118B118 bare rods1193-1238L-Ag18P*CuP 286CP 101
118EMF118 Flux coated MF1193-1238L-Ag18P*CuP 286CP 101
118PA65118 Paste alloys1193-1238L-Ag18P*CuP 286CP 101
C100XBCuproCLEAN 100X bare rods1310-1418L-CuP8CuP 182CP 201B-Cu 92 P-710-738
C105XBCuproCLEAN 105X bare rods1202-1418L-Ag5PCuP 282CP 104*AWS A5-8 : BCuP-7B-Cu89PAg-645/815
C105XEXFCuproCLEAN 105X MiniFlux flux coated XF1202-1418L-Ag5PCuP 282CP 104*AWS A5-8 : BCuP-7B-Cu89PAg-645/815
CUP603FRCUP603FW For rings Bars wires1310-1553L-CuP6CuP 179B-Cu94P-710/890