Commercial services

On all sites, the reception of customers at the counter has been governed since November 15 by the rules inherent to the COVID-19 virus (Information of November 30, 2020)

Currently, our stocks allow us to meet two months of your usual needs. (Information of November 30, 2020)

As part of the closure of our production, quotes and pricing were suspended the week of March 16 to 21.

We will respond to all your other requests.


History: The production sites closed the week of March 16 to 21, 2020.

The industrial tool is now working at 100% since May 15, 2020. (Information of November 30, 2020)

Logistics are now 100% functioning since May 11, 2020 (Information from November 30, 2020)

Together we must be one against this invisible enemy!

The more rigorous we stay in enforcing safety guidelines, the faster we will win against this virus.


Silver métal and Silver brazing alloys

“Our company specialized in the processing of silver metal, offers a wide range of silver alloys, from silver brazing rod, wire, rings, silver brazing alloys flux coated. Nickel silver wire, silver paste, silver ink. Our expertise involves, chemical control flow specifications foundry, wire drawing, rolling, annealing, coatings techniques and the management of precious metals. A large stock of silver brazing alloys, in all its forms from standard to complex allows us to precisely meet the requirements of each activity related to silver brazing alloys.